Sunday Setlist 8-10-8

This week I played Lead Guitar and sang BGV's at Forest Park.

Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing) - G
Freedom - G
Unashamed Love - G
All I Can Say - G Offering
The Stand - A
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - E Response

We don't normally do this much music on a Sunday, but we've combined our 2 contemporary services this month. Normally we get done with 2nd service and have exactly 20 minutes to clear the platform before the traditional service starts. So right now we're taking advantage with more time to worship and more time to preach. Another perk is that I don't have any orchestra players trying to intimidate me out of the way.

This post is a contribution to your friendly, neighbor-hood Sunday Setlist.


Fred McKinnon said...

Thanks for jumping in on Sunday Setlists. I hear ya about the songs, Hey, we never complain about getting to do MORE music, right?

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Billy Chia said...

ha - sometimes I complain about more music :) I've found that the band sounds tighter, feels more confident and the whole morning goes off with more excitement and less trepidation when there are fewer songs. 5 seems the be the magic number for us.

With that said, I've worked in situations of needing to "change over" quickly so I feel ya Christopher on enjoying the extra space.

Christopher said...

This was a bit on the interesting side, as we only had an hour of rehearsal time. Our Thursday rehearsal got rescheduled and then the reschedule got canceled. Fortunately this band has played together a lot, so they find a pocket really quick.

Thanks for posting guys.

Michael Mahoney said...

I really like your list. We haven't done Freedom in a while - we need to get it back in the rotation.

We did The Stand this week as well. It's good to see it touched someone else.


David Lindner said...

I'm with billy about doing more music. Unless we've had plenty of practice time with our band, I'd rather stick with fewer songs that we can do well. Especially right now as we're adding in a lot of new musicians. Down the road, I could see us being at the point where we could add in some extra music, but right now, we're not there.

You must have two different contemporary services?

Christopher said...

We do have 2 contemporary services and 1 traditional. All finished by 12:15. The are sandwiched about as tight as can be.

Part of the reason we can get away with this is because we take the month off from our 'Adult Bible Fellowships'. Those re-start in September, so I'm positive we'll be back to 3 services and 4 songs max

Paul J. said...

Whose "Freedom" are you using?

Christopher said...

It's by Darrell Evans from his album of the same name.