Sunday Setlist 8-17-8

Today I made a guest appearance at Lakeshore Community Church.

Set list
Meet With Me (G)
I Will Not Forget You (F)
We Are Hungry (G)
Your Name (A)
Holy Is The Lord (A)
Take My Life (D) -Offering

Enough (G) - Response

About the Church and the Service
Lakeshore is an amazing community that is extremely intentional about loving others, so much that they purchased a building that neighbors not 1, but 2 bars.

Anyway, they have several pastors, one of which leads worship 4 Sundays a month, and preaches 3 of those. Needless to say, the guy's needed a week off for a while.

The band they have is amazing. If I ever had the opportunity to to do some really serious recording, 2 or 3 of these guys would be on my first call list. They made me sound better than I really am.

The service runs an intentional 1:30, so it was a lot of music. More than I would normally play, but that's the joy of guest lead (which has been 1-2 times a month)

All in all a great morning.

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Billy Chia said...

"They made me sound better than I really am."

ha! I experienced the same thing this morning. I love playing with a great band.

Gary Durbin said...

That's great you were able to serve a church. I love going to different churches from time to time and serve them. It keeps my heart on the Kingdom activity more.