Sunday Setlist 8-27-8

Today I simply participated in worship, rather than lead, back home at Forest Park Covenant Church.

Grace Like Rain (Dm or F, whatever)
Holy is The Lord (E)
-Baptism - Children of Our Heavenly Father
Thank You For Loving Me (E)
He Reigns (G)
Nothing But The Blood (E)
Sermon - What's With the Fig Trees?
Empty Me (E)

They had an acoustic team this week, which was pretty cool. 3 Vox, Guitar, Piano, Congas. Only problem was the percussionists timing. Way off. He doesn't normally play, so it may have been nerves, but it seemed deeper than that. Wasn't that distracting though, it blended really well.

A great morning.

This post is a contribution to your friendly, neighbor-hood Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival.


Fred F. McKinnon said...

Hey Christopher,
Thanks for being part of Sunday Setlist ... I couldn't help but notice your profile ... you should come down to this Circuit City - it's by far the worst run business on the planet. "Circuit City" is considered a foul cuss word among our staff at SSCC. Story after story. I hope you're leaving a good mark up there! God knows they need some folks like you in that business!

OK, sorry, didn't mean to bash your company (though folks around here often say those two words just to get me stirred up).

Seriously, thanks for being part of Sunday setlists ... enjoyed your perspective. Hopefully your percussionist will be on next time!

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Gary Durbin said...

"He Reigns" is a big one at our church.

Christopher said...

Interesting, in my neck of the woods we are far and away the best customer service in our niche. We get folks all the time who would rather pay us our regular price than take Best Buy's deal.

No worries.

I had no idea He Reigns would be so huge. When the congregation started singing, my wife and I looked at each other, "what just happened" it was like everyone just woke up.

Jeff M. Miller said...

Thank You for Loving Me. Nice to see another leader bringing some Sinead O'Connor to the worship masses.

I think I need to give He Reigns a try at our place as well.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

We were just talking about doing "Thank You For Loving Me" again.

I'm fairly new to this church I don't even know if they sing "Nothing But The Blood", that a nice one. I love the harmony.

Paul J. said...

Love going acoustic from time to time. Great set!