A Tale of 2 Idols.

I spent most of this last week in South Lyon with Red-Headed Beauty's side of the family. It was good and relaxing.

Red-Heads youngest sister enjoys watching CMT in the mornings before she goes to work. Walking through the room, I caught a few 'music videos.' Aside from the bizarre song from Darius Rucker (He's only allowed to sound like Hootie, I just can't handle this!), I saw 2 videos that made me stop and think.

The first was Last Name from Carrie Underwood. A song about getting drunk and waking up in Vegas, married to a man she doesn't know. "It started off, "hey cutie where you from" And then it turned into oh no, what have I done, And I don't even know his last name"

The second was Don't You Know You're Beautiful from Kellie Pickler. A lighter song with a message of hope for women/girls. "And I know you want to be just like your friends, But he’ll still love you if you don’t give in. Don’t you know you’re beautiful? Just the way you are!"

I voted for Carrie. When she was on Idol, she was hands down the best singer, but she also 'appeared' to have more traditional values. She didn't dress like a hussy and she sang the 'nicer' songs.

I didn't vote for Kellie. I voted for Taylor exclusively (except when Chris Daughtry sang Higher Ground, that Killed) for some of the same reasons. I mean, the dude started the season with Levon from Elton John. Kellie, was never the best of the week. Truthfully, she wasn't.

Now based on their singles I would rather my kids listen to Kellie. She has several songs that are messages of hope and reconciliation. Carrie has a few songs about the same, but she's also pushing the edgy end of the envelope. She threatens to destroy a former lover's car when he cheats on her, and here she wakes up with a man she doesn't know. I understand that the country scene is broad enough for all these tunes to get airplay, but that's not the point for me. The point is, I would rather my kids hear a slightly less incredible voice singing better messages, than the best singer singing crap.

Carrie, I would kinda like my vote back.


Jessica Lynn said...

"The point is, I would rather my kids hear a slightly less incredible voice singing better messages, than the best singer singing crap"

I agree. It seems like the more "famous" she becomes the less clothes she wears and her songs become less like something I want our kids hearing.

Matt Tennison said...

I don't know who sings it, but there is a new country song that talks about a guy who cheated who "Shoulda Said No".

the guy is asking (begging even) for forgiveness from his girl (don't know if it's wife or girlfriend) and says it only happened once when he said yes. She says "well, you shoulda said NO, you should've come home, you should've thought twice before you let it all go...".

I really appreciate the message it sends - guys, before you cheat, think about what you're giving up. Of course, for us as Christians, we know that giving in to that temptation means giving up a whole lot more...

Anonymous said...

That would by Taylor Swift I do believe.