To Sing-A-Long or not to Sing-A-Long

I read this post last week and I've been mulling it over in my mind. For those of us that don't read links, the article is about Tom Petty, and how he plays 'Breakdown' every show. Every. Show. But this perpetual repetition has turned his concerts into sing-a-longs of the highest order.

Part of me says, whatever, worship is different. But is it? Really?

I believe, and always have, that worship can be formative. That the act of singing songs turns our hearts. It leads us to examine our motives and our desires. Or rather it can.

You can (and I have) easily walk into a service and tune out. Think about the Lions game this afternoon, you need to get your car fixed, there's this thing at work, yadda yadda yadda. There's only so much I can do about that from the front.

I can (and will) pray for you before and during the service. That you would be given supernatural power to focus on our purpose, which will always be to celebrate the cross.

I can (and will) look you in the eye and invite you to sing with us, several times.

I can (and will) make the songs as easy for you to sing as possible. I will try to pitch the songs in keys that we can all sing. Being a Tenor I will sound funny in the lower ones.

Alex McLean is suggesting that I should sing the same songs, many, many times so they are easier for you to engage with. This makes sense. (I saw Kansas about a months ago and the only song everyone knew was "Carry on my Wayward Son" so the crowd was really loud. Only about 4 people knew the "and here's a song from our new album" song. Pactically no one sang with that one.)

The real concern here is the status of my own heart, and if I can serve you this way.

I love new music. I love to listen to new stuff all the time. If I had the income, I could easily justify new 'CD's' every week. No problem in my mind. I have this gift of (nearly) perfect pitch. I can usually play a song for you after I've heard it twice. Once if it's by Tomlin or Crowder.

For me to take 50 songs, and say we're going to sing these for a year, would be a real test of my leadership character.

Great post Alex, I'm still digesting it.

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alex mclean said...

Dude, a pleasure to meet you! I absolutely LOVE this phrase:

"I can (and will) look you in the eye and invite you to sing with us, several times."

I believe that this is an area missing from a lot of worship today. Or at least places where people are not being engaged and invited to join in a single purpose!

Obviously, the singing one song over and over can get, dare I say, overboard. But you understood the point. I'm still learning and digesting as well. Thanks for a great post!