Way Too Late Review : the Ringing Bell by Derek Webb

Besides being ridiculously behind, this review is really biased. I really like Derek Webb. I can't get over his amazing songwriting. If I got over that, I would have a problem with the fact that every record is completely different from the last. This particular records has so much going on that I don't know where to start.

The songs are great. My personal favorite is 'Savior on Capital Hill'. "You can always trust the devil or a politician, to be the devil or a politician" Perfect.

Or try 'I Wanna Marry You All over Again' "I wanna court you on the record labels dime" and "I wanna read the bible and I wanna make out" How great is that?

Or lastly 'This Too Shall be Made Right' "I'm trading comfort for human life, and that's not murder it's suicide"

Musically, this is a Brit-Pop record. Following the rules laid down by the holy fathers; Lennon and McCartney. I'm a big fan of this disk. Truth is I downloaded this from Noise Trade on Thursday and I've listened to it all the way 5 times. That's like a a new record for me.
I'm already a big fan of Derek and this disc just perpetuates my unhealthy obsession.

Even if a little late.

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