Way Too Late Review: Enter The Worship Circle 'First Circle'

This disc dropped a while ago. Like, I have no idea because I was in college, long ago.

Anyway, it's a unique disc for several reasons; 1) it's two different bands getting together to do an album. 2) it's entirely unplugged and recorded 'studio live,' which is not a format either band plays in all the time. 3) Some of the songs are great, some are not so great.

This is one of the albums that fuels my 'most good LP's would make better EP's' theory. If this disc was stripped down from it's 15 tracks (there's a hidden track so 16 songs) to 7 or 8, it would be amazing. Really. None of the songs are that bad, but since the whole thing is acoustic guitar and aux percussion, it starts to blend together after 7 or 8 tracks anyway. I would cut 'Land of the Living,' Since I am So Sick,' 'Improv,' 'Save me,' 'Whatever Thing,' Though I feel Alone,' 'You Have Redeemed my Soul' and 'Come fall on us'. That brings it down to 8 songs. Again, none of those songs are bad, they just slow the flow of the disc.

It's still a really good album. I spun it Sunday while I was cleaning my shed and there were definitely a few moments of serious air-guitar. So despite it's excessive length, this one has the 'Mercy Street Air-Guitar Seal of Approval'.

Even if a little late.

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