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Like most bloggers I check my RSS at least once a day. This morning there was a post from Shaun Groves mentioning a free download from Phil Wickham. This morning I was only vaguely aware of Phil's music. I knew he had opened for the David Crowder*Band. I had heard True Love a few times when I was looking for Easter Tunes.

This evening, I'm a fan. I've listened to Singalong twice now. Really, Really Cool. I don't say that too often, I usually have something to nitpick. Today I've got nothing.

Singalong is beautiful in it's simplicity. One guitar, Phil's voice, and a crowd that knows all the songs. Very, very real.

This is unique becase it's not just a sweet album. More than any other advertising scheme I've seen, it makes me want to buy his other albums. Really. I listen to so much music, that I often feel ripped off when I buy something. I totally want to give this guy my money.

Check it out.

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