5 Songs I need to learn to impress my cousin's husband.

(Note: I just found out that I'm not as obvious as I thought. Please read with sarcasm and tongue firmly in cheek)

5. Born to Lose featuring Michael Schenker - I never got into Schenker so I don't know if I've heard this. It should probably be a priority if I'm going to impress Rob.

4. Voodoo Child by Jimy Hendrix - The definitive intro riff, the fuzzed out guitar and the Purple haze all make this song good enough to impress Rob. 

3. Something Mark Knopfler did - The mastermind of the Dire Straits and really good solo stuff. It's hard to pick a favorite, so maybe I would learn all of his stuff, that would be impressive.

2. Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan - Rob suggested  Stevie Tay Vaughn, but his name doesn't come up on iTunes. Normally I would assume that someone meant SRV, but this is Rob. I mean, he proofreads for Websters and suggests story ideas to J.J. Abrahms. He perspires excellence. He can't have made a simple spelling error. 

So if you know who this Stevie Tay Vaughn is, please let me know. Rob is trying to expand my musical horizons and I need to heed the call. I must!

1. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin - I can just see the scene now. The family is gathered at my parents house, in the basement because there's more continous space. Dad's guitars are there. Rob asks,

"learn anything new lately?"

"not really, but I have learned this one tune, it's not much."

"play it for us."

I shrug off the suggestion, but everyone persists so I give in. I strap on dad's Telecaster, because that's what Jimi played. 

I begin with the famous intro and as soon as he recognizes the song (aprox the 2nd note) my Dad, grabs his 12 string and joins in. He belts out the song in his incredible Plant like Tenor. 

We play the song note for note and build into the climax. I jump onto the back of the couch and literaly 'Melt Some Faces Off' by nailing the trademark solo.

The song ends to the sound of stunned silence. Then a single hand clap, as Rob wipes away the tears from his eyes. The sound escalates into a thunderous applause until someone yells "Freebird!"

And then it's on.


Jessica Lynn said...

ROFL--this was too funny! I love it!

I hope you actually do it someday.

I'd yell Freebird for ya. =)

P.S. I love you.

Nancy said...

Oh my.

rob said...

whistles on by.....

Anonymous said...

man, we must run in different circles...
if you play "stairway..." around any of my friends, they're likely to tease you until you're in your grave. That's a song you learn for the technique, but never admit to your friends that you know, just to save face.