Evidence of mercy in the midst of the mess.

The Mess.

Like many I not only believe that we are in or heading for an economic breakdown, I'm living in it now. We live life very, very close to the line. Part bad choices early in life and part not finding a job that pays me what I'm worth in my field.

Evidence of Mercy.

I got promoted today. I am now a Product Flow Supervisor at Circuit City Muskegon. My department is responsible for the look & feel of the store as well as everything inventory related. This of course comes with a raise (Praise God!) and more ability to inflence my work environment in a positive way.

The beauty of this is that my phone's been shut off for a week, so I can't call my parents to tell them about my raise.


Andrew Betts said...

Congrats, just make sure you keep the Store Sup in line.

Christopher said...

That's what I got hired for in the first place.