I've been tagged.

Here's my six things the blogging community doesn't know about me, yet. This is my red-headed beauty's fault. 

1. I wrap customer service people around my pinky. They do what I want. I wouldn't call it manipulation 'exactly,' I just know what to say. I used to work in customer service for an e-tail company so I understand the culture.

2. I used to be a Trekie. I never went to a convention or owned a set of Vulcan ears, but I was addicted. If you would like to know I can explain to you how the warp drive works, how a cloaking device works, or even how to build a working phaser out of a toaster and a microwave. (disclaimer: you can't build a working phaser out of a toaster and a microwave.)

3. I once left my # 1 guitar in my car overnight. In winter. I felt like such a sinner. I brought the guitar into my dorm room and turned the heat down. I wanted it to warm up gradually. I gave it 3 days in the case before I dare to open it. Longest. 3. days. of. my. life.

4. I once wrote a concept album about Jesus. It was the story told from the different characters point of view. One song sung by Peter, one by Mary Magdalene, one from Jesus' younger brother. I never really finished it. I had 6 songs, but like most pet projects it lives only in my notebook.

5. My dream in life is to build the house Red-Headed Beauty and I retire to. I want to build her a house she can be proud of. A huge kitchen with tons of counter space.  A craft room where she can create her homespun housewares. A room for my guitars, of course. I do plan on actually doing research at some point, but for now I learn tons from 'This Old House'.

6. I fantasize about the miracle that is Garlic. If I ever had the chance to bathe in liquid garlic, I would seriously consider it. I would dive straight in except that Red-Headed Beauty would not give me any sugar for a very long time.

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