5 - Black Friday Edition

5. We had a provided lunch. I ate soup. Broccoli Cheese. And a bagel. But mostly Soup.
4. My Red Headed Beauty baked some coffee cake for my department. She, Blue Eyed Boy and Red-haired girl came in to drop it off. So Blue Eyed Boy met the guys and gal that work under me. When they went to leave he said, "I want to see Daddy's friends more". It was very cute.

3. I spent the majority of my day loading Televisions into Guest's cars. Lots of Televisions.

2. I worked from 3AM until 6:30PM. I stopped for an hour and a half at around 3PM.  Today (Turquoise Saturday or some other nonsense) I worked 6AM to 4PM with no break. That's around 24 hours in 2 days.

1. I can't help but notice the paradox of being in the midst of a worldwide recession and running out of inventory to sell. Watching my co-workers put their hope in Big-screen TVs and GPS units reminds me that my hope is in Christ and Him Crucified.

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