5 reasons I post lists that are 5 items long

5. It's a Prime Number.
4. Blue-Eyed Boy can count to 5 with ease.

3. I tend to have many sorta related thoughts rather than a single larger thought.

2. I often find creative freedom within a set of rules or paramters. Giving me a blank slate and an infinite amount of time will only confuse me. Give me some direction and a deadline and I will not only put my stamp on it but I'll have a blast doing it.

1. The 5th Star Trek movie 'The Final Frontier' was by far the worst. Much, much worse. Being a Start Trek fan I feel a small sense of guilt that my beloved franchise desicrated the number 5 so badly. 19 years later I feel we still have a lot of ground to make up to restore the number 5 to it's rightful place in the universe. I may have to blog '5' for the rest of my life to make the slightest move towards balance.

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