5 Things I wish I could voice to my co-workers

5. Life isn't as bad as you've been told it is.

4. You don't have to be angry, boastful, or beautiful to be liked. You don't have to know everything to make friends

3. Waiting for a spouse is worth it. Really.

2. If you don't enjy what you do, find something else.  Life's to short to work a job you hate.

1. We are not going out of business. We have a tough road ahead, but we are not going out of business. Not. Without. A Fight.


Matt Tennison said...

So....tell them. We have tremendous wisdom in Christ, adn we need to tell the world we have those answers! What are you afraid of losing?

rob said...

I've found that life is tremendously easier because of my beauty.

Christopher said...

Matt -
I worded the title poorly. These are things I do tell my co-workers, but they don't listen to. I get a lot of rolling eyes and shrugging shoulders.

Rob - If only we all had the same experience.

Matt Tennison said...

Ahh, I see. I get that reaction sometimes too, but I believe we've been placed in certain places to stand for truth, and it's important that we do. Sounds like that is what you are doing. Keep it up!