In case you were wondering.

We had a meeting last night at Circuit City Muskegon.
We talked about our plans and strategy for Black Friday at Circuit City Muskegon.

We talked about our plans for December at Circuit City Muskegon.

No one got fired, no one lost their job, and no stores were closed. 

So, if you like to follow the uninformed crowd and not buy gift cards or shop at Circuit City Muskegon, go ahead. 

If, however, you'd like to support the economy in West Michigan, and my job specifically, come on in and I'll personally show you were the iPods are.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... Ipods

Grasshopper, you must find Bones S3, to achieve tranquility and favor.


Andrew Betts said...

I looked for you when were were buying "The Incredible Mister Limpet" but we didn't see you. Although we did see Pastor Paul, that was kinda neat.