5 records I think you should buy with your iTunes X-mas money

5. Radney Foster "See What you Want To See" - Great Nashville Songwriter plays his own tunes. Simple production focuses on the songs. I've got a Picture and Godspeed.

4. Counting Crows "August and Everything After" - Come on, you don't have this already? Great, great CD that is just a ton of fun to listen to. You've already heard Mr. Jones, but check out Anna Begins.

3. Damien Rice "O" - Amazing modern folk record. Very minimalistic, but very easy to listen to. Check out Cannonball and Aime.

2. Joe Garner "The Mourning Birds" - I've blogged this one before. June and God, the Ballad of Gypsy Jack.

1. Charlie Hall "On the Road To Beautiful" - Greatest record ever written about faith. Sweet pop production and amazing songs. I Will Overcome, On The Road to Beautiful, and Chasing.

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