5 New Years ReSolutions

1. Eat better - I have a problem with high blood pressure and I generally don't think about it. I need to do better. Less Sodium, Less Cholesterol.

2. Get Organized - My desk is a mess. My guitar gear is a mess. My shed is a mess. My thought process is a mess. I'm. A. Mess.

3. Write something everyday - Blog, Poem, Song, something. It helps me unwind which helps me with the rest.

4. Be more patient with my kids - He's 3, she's 7 mos and I get so frustrated when they don't grow up when I tell them to. It's ridiculous.

5. Love my wife better - She's my lover, my best friend and everything that's good about me. I'm not very good at expressing myself, but she deserves better.

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