all those things you mean to say.

My blogging is often erratic. I write 7 posts in 4 days and them I'm silent for 2 weeks. I come back, brush off the cobwebs and the cycle starts again.
I'm inspired to write today by a few things. Prime among them if my mother.

You may have read on Nancy's blog, that our Mom has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

At first I was scared. How dare God give my mother Cancer again? We wrestled over it for about a day. Ultimately, He told me to deal with it. Not my choice, His.

I've come to the conclusion that there are 3 things I can do for my mother;

1. I can pray. The prayer of a righteous man is both powerful and effective.

2. I can help out my dad. We moved some furniture on Sunday to put Mom's favorite chair in the living room and to put the computer upstairs. I wish he had more to do.

3. I do believe that she will beat this. I really have nothing else to give her except for an unwavering faith in her complete recovery. It does nobody any good to believe anything less.

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