Sojourn: Advent Songs

Red-Headed Beauty loves Christmas music. I enjoy Christmas music, but not as much as she does. Thankfully, she waits until around Thanksgiving to ask if it's ok to listen to Christmas music. I make her ask because that's all she listens to until the Blessed Day and for a few weeks after.
It's not that I don't like the idea of Christmas music, it's that the good stuff is so hard to find. Most Christmas CD's feel like Artists-goes-Adult-Contempor

There are a few I really enjoy. Chicago 'What's It gonna be Santa?', Jars of Clay 'Christmas Songs' and Sixpence None The Richer 'Dawn of Grace'. 

I can honestly say I've never been "excited" about a Christmas Album.

Until now.

Ladies and Gents, you need to download 'Advent Songs' by Sojourn Church. (I've embeded their NoiseTrade Widget below.) Amazing only scratches the surface. Some of the songs are Holiday favorites with new arangements, some have new tunes, some are new compositions. All are lyrical and full of great, great pictures of the comming Savior.

Musically, it is the best Indie/Pop/Rock CD I've heard since AG Silver's 'Wake up and Smell Reality'. Great tones. Some very cool piano and drum parts. 

And there's some really great vocalist diversity. I don't know exactly how many singers there are, but there's at least 4 who are all perfect for the tunes they are singing. 

It's darn near impossible to pick favorites from this disc, but I'm going to recomend 'What Child is This?' for the amazing vocal performance, 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel' for the Techno/Folk arrangement, and 'Glory Be' for the sweet production.

This 8 Song CD is worth the $13.99 you would pay at Family Christian Stores. It's available for whatever you want to pay, or 5 emails at NoiseTrade.

You know you want to.

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Nancy said...

Good recommendation. It's a great sound...different from most Christmas music.