Worship Textfessional 12-7-9

This post is a part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Setlist Carnival.
I guest led at my home church, Fellowship.

Here's what was supposed to go down.

-Opening Set
You are Holy (Prince of Peace)
Blessed Be Your Name
Your Name
Jesus Paid It All
Thank You For Saving Me (Delirous) *Just me and guitar
How Deep The Father's Love For Us *Just me and guitar
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

The plan changed both services so...
1st service; I knew we were going to run over when the announcements were 10 minutes long. I cut You are Holy right out of the barrel. I also cut Thank You for Saving Me and Amazing Grace in half.

2nd Service; I reinstated You are Holy, but I saved Your Name for the offering. Jesus Paid It All was pretty flat first service and that's the one that used to be traditional, so I didn't even bother 2nd. When we finished Your Name I felt like we weren't done even though the song was so I went into Holy and Anointed One. We just sang the 1st verse a few times. (Jesus, Jesus, Holy and Anointed One, Jesus). We played the full versions of the last 3 songs. Amazing Grace was huge.

It was great to lead again. I haven't done that in a while and I dearly missed it.


Steff said...

I love the Kristian Stanfill version of "Jesus Paid it All".

johnnysierra said...

Great setlist despite the changes!

Christopher said...

I love that arrangement too, but the congregation wasn't digging it.

Andrew Betts said...

Glad it went well