'Going out of Business' and ' Evidence of Mercy on Harvey Street'

-Going out of Business-

So it's official (I'm only a week behind here) Circuit City is going out of business. 30,000 more people nation wide are out of a job; myself among them.

I'm not stressed out yet. My Red-Headed Hottie is though. She's a gifted worry-wart, so she flipped out immediately. I've still got too much to do at work to imagine not having a job. If anything this has put more on my plate. More security measures, more signage, more counting.

I'm still pretty numb about the whole thing; I can't bring myself to process it yet. I've never been in a situation where I couldn't find a job when I needed one. I'm afraid that if I start thinking about it, I'll get totally absorbed by the fear of not having a job.

I keep reminding my boss (who is also a Christ-follower) that she belongs to God and not retail (thanks Chris) and that her Father owns the Cattle on a thousand hills. I keep telling her because I need to hear.

I've rarely felt like I was in the right place at the right time, at the time; it's always in retrospect. But this feels like I was put here with a purpose. I've spoken more truth to my co-workers than ever before. They are all in need of answers, and I know the answer.

-Evidence of Grace on Harvey Street-

The announcement came down the pipe around 11 AM. It was posted on the company intranet, so everyone found out together. At the time I was totally defeated, hope was gone. Until then I had been running on hope, like it was unleaded and easy to come by. But now I was stalled out on the side of the road with no gas card and no cell.

Around 11:30 AM we got a phone call from the manager of Lowe's. He asked to speak directly with the store manager. He offered her some encouragement in the form of coffee and a conversation. She took him up on it immediately. At Starbucks he told her that he would hire as many of our employees as he could. Maybe even 12. (to a store like Lowe's 12 is a small number, at Circuit City 12 is our entire sales staff)

By Monday afternoon J.C. Penny and Barnes & Noble had also reached out to us and asked to come in and do on-the-spot interviews. (I'm honestly crying as I type this. You have no idea how unprecedented and life-giving this is in an industry that is extremely competitive) We did reach out to them, but not to have them come alongside like this. We were hoping to get a list of openings, not an interview.

Today puts the icing on the cake. The Regional Manager for ABC Warehouse, came into the store (physically), shook my hand and gave me his personal phone number. "I don't know how long it will take or how it will work out, but I will place as many of your team as I can."

It's a new feeling to have my hope restored by the competition.

I've lost a lot in the last week. Mostly things like pride, arrogance, and the idea that I'm in control. But I've gained so much more (I'm balling again). It's impossible to look around my building and not see the evidence of grace. Where I used to see meaningless tasks, I now see an opportunity to keep one of my guys working that much longer. Where I used to see their flaws, I'm seeing their character and their strengths.

I don't know what the future holds, but for now I'm content with working another day.


bananapeelblog said...

hey now, I'm not freaking out, anymore.

I saw on a day care sign the other day....

"Panic Productively"

THAT'S what I'm doing, it's my new slogan. Except I would add:

"Panic Productively, whilst Praying Profusely"

Hold my hand and let's take this ride together.....

Rob said...

Did you hit up any interviews? I've always thought Barnes and Noble would be a fun place to work.