Why I love Andrew Osenga.

I recently purchased two $9.99 Gift Cards to eMusic.com I used them to purchase everything they had available by Andrew Osenga. The Morning, Photographs, Souvenirs and Postcards.

All Amazing.

He's got everything I look for in music.
  • Lyrics that are catchy and intelligent. They not only make me think, but they demand some sort of emotional response. They make me feel. (Extra Points for sharing a Judeo-Christian worldview. Extra Extra points for not being even vaguely Calvinist).
  • Music that is simple but not boring. Melodic without being self indulgent. A little folk, a little pop, a little rock. His above average, but always tasteful guitar playing is a huge plus.
  • He puts these together into songs that are quirky, but easy to take seriously. His tunes have character, something that is greatly lacking in the general marketplace.
  • He has some good studio chops too. His stuff sounds good. His production is transparent enough to keep me (with all of my studio experience) focused on the song, but it's got enough character to keep me interested.
Some artists impress with what they do. They entertain with their flash, be it musical or their image, but all they do is entertain. I often feel, when I hear AO's stuff, that it is great. So great in fact that I would like to do it myself. He puts great music within striking distance, like I am somehow more capable because he does what he does.

Anyway, listen to the guy.


Billy Chia said...

I love Andrew Osenga too.

Do you have the stuff he's self-released on his blog? (Letters to the editor vol. 1 & 2)

Christopher said...

Yes, Letters Vol.1 Got me interested, but I haven't until now had the cash to purchase anything more.

I really like the letters albums, they're both full of songs with a lot of character, something most music (including my own) often lacks.