'my week - a quick recap' or 'why my blood pressure just won't go down'

Sunday I lead worship and Forest Park. It was both fun and life giving. Then we had my sister and her son over for dinner. Also fun and life giving.

Monday I had my entire team (12 guys and 1 lady) work so we could completely clear out the warehouse. I then grilled burgers and brought chips and salsa, pop etc. I've wanted to spoil my team for a while but I never had the chance. This was both fun and life giving.

Tuesday I dealt with a number of irate customers. Not fun.

Wednesday My Store Director quit. Stress level goes up.

Thursday My Operations Manager quit. That makes me the lead person for operations in the whole building. Stress level goes up again.

Friday I'm the Manager on Duty for 4 hours, because we have so few managers. I got 1 threat to call the police and another to call their lawyer to sue me personally because the company won't help her out. Stress level skyrockets.

So...please pray for me. I'm honestly looking forward to the store closing so I can have a few days off and finally relax.


bananapeelblog said...

Take a deep breath....

It's almost over.

P.S. I love you.

Andrew Betts said...

Our prayers are with you

Anonymous said...

You need to use some Jedi mind tricks...

"This is not the store that gives refunds, you are looking for the store with a big blue sign.."

"Thirty percent off does sound awfully good.."

There is no try, only survive!