hollywood, it's time to be honest

I don't usually rant and rave here, but I feel this injustice is too big, nay too important to be ignored.

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean; At World's End last night. WHAT THE HECK? Worst. Ending. Ever. (I won't spoiler it, but I get the feeling that director Gore Verbinski didn't want to bother with another movie, so he made this one end badly.)

You wasted 3 hours of my time the other day with Dead Man's Chest, and now you string me along with At World's End?

We gotta be honest here. The first movie did not need a sequel. It didn't need these sequels anyway.

Anybody see National Treasure 2? That one was all right. Primarily because it knew it couldn't be as good as the original. It didn't try to be. It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible.

Or how about Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That one tried to hard to prove that it was an Indiana Jones movie and not enough time proving that Indiana still had it.

How about a sequel that is another great story told with the same characters, instead of an attempt to rake in some more cash with the same actors?


Nancy said...

I liked At World's End. Did you wait and see the scene after the credits?

Andrew Betts said...

I'll admit to not liking any of the Pirates movies and kept myself from watching At World's End

rob said...

godfather 2 and empire strikes back were great sequels. BTW, the buzz on the new star trek movie is pretty nice.