i shake my fist at the devil

I refuse to blame or otherwise implicate God Almighty in my mother's illness. I believe that God is the Great physician and I believe that he is completely capable of healing her.

I wake up in the morning and shake my fist at the devil because I know how the story ends. Christ will reign on the earth and the enemy will be defeated. Sin will loose it's power, Death will loose it's sting. There's not one thing the enemy can do to my mother that will take away her eternity. The same God holds her eternity in one hand and her 'now' in the other.

God Almighty who created the heavens and the earth, has known the outcome of my mother's story since then. I believe that our understanding of 'time' is nothing like his, and that he does things in his time frame. Until 'his time' comes all I (we) can do is continue to trust and pray.