Worship Textfessional 3-1-9

(this is a contribution to the Worship Confessional Blog Carnival #32, hosted by Fred McKinnon)

I got a call on Saturday night from our Worship Pastor. He was 'violently ill' as he put it. So I lead.

It's always an interesting experience (for me anyway) to lead when someone else picks the tunes. I did change the Offering song, as the one scheduled was one of his originals, and I didn't want to steal his thunder.

Opening set
- You Never Let Go
- Everlasting God
-Unashamed Love
-We Cry Out Your Name
-Beautiful Scandalous Night

I had to move a few songs up, because our Pastor is a Baritone and I am a Tenor. I can't lead if I can't hit the notes.


steff said...

Is that We Cry Out from Gateway? Love that song!

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I'd have to agree with Steff.
I had to check out Beautiful Scandalous Night, hadn't heard it before. Interesting...very interesting

Christopher said...

- Steff - Yes, it is the Gateway tune. I wasn't sure about it until I actually sang it myself. Now I'm a fan.

- Dorothy - Beautiful Scandalous Night is another song that I didn't get at first, but grew on me. I'm glad it did.