Easter Worship Confessional 4-12-09

This week I played lead guitar and sang some BGVs. It was a rocking morning. The band was very tight, and the congregation was totally connected.

I was stoked for numerous reasons. Specifically because this is the first Easter that I haven't broken a string, in a long time. I did break one at rehearsal on Wednesday, but that does not count.

-Opening Set
Easter Song (E)
Everybody Praise the Lord (A)
Song of Hope (A)

Christ the Lord is Risen Today w/ He Is Risen (G)

-Sermon "Surprised by Hope"

The Stand (A)

Included in the sermon was the video testimony of our Worship Pastor. You can view it on You Tube here. The video was amazing, you should check it out just for the story. Once you realize that he did the whole thing himself, you'll want a camera for your church.

Of interest to the guitar nerds out there; I use a Line 6 Pod at church to eliminate all the amp issues. My Floor controller has been dodgy lately, so I used a borrowed ADA MC-1. Pretty neat to have 10 presets at a single tap, as opposed to the 4 you get with the L6 controller. I did miss the flexibility of just throwing some Tremolo or delay on a patch, it all had to be programed.

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