impact and observation

This morning I was cleaning up the dishes while the kids played in the other room. (we share a house with another family. They have 4 kids.) Darth 5 year old, as I'll call him, was singing the main theme from Star wars as loudly as he could. It's almost impressive how he gets all the cymbal crashes in.

This is not a new thing. He is completely obsessed with Star Wars and anything related. He's constantly drilling me with questions about the movies and books. All of his Lego's are from Star Wars sets. He has enough Light sabers for some serious, epic, Jedi fights.

Point is, this story has made a very deep impression on him. It almost guides his decision making process.

Now as I'm standing there washing the dishes I asked myself, "I wonder if the last piece of music he will recognize when he's old and gray will be this song?", "I wonder how these movies made such a huge impact on him?", "What is the church missing, besides light sabers, that would reach people like this?"

Now I don't have any answers, only a few observations.

-Star Wars gives him a vocabulary and a vision of Good vs. Evil
-Star Wars gives him a pallet to dream with
-Star Wars excites him to move
-Star Wars has Jedi

Thinking back on my childhood church experience, I remember sitting in a circle and listening to flanelgraph Bible stories, sitting in a circle and eating crackers and juice (Communion), and sitting in a circle and singing songs.

-No vocabulary
-No pallet to dream with
-Lots of sitting

I consider myself blessed because I remember much more about my Sunday school teachers (Jedi) than I do about Sunday school. I remember memorizing the books of the Bible in order with Mrs. Connie. I remember the Butler Theory with Mr. Rick, and I remember Mr. Wolters playing the devil's advocate. I remember Scott and Kelly for showing me what faith looked like lived out.

I don't have any answers just observations. I do know that if I pursue these things for my son in our home and tell him the story of Jesus, he will find life and Salvation there.

But, he just might hate Sunday School.


Nancy said...

Interesting observation.

Andrew Betts said...

I remember the people and what they did far more than what they tried to say. I do miss the simple days.