The Nerd Within

I used to be huge into Comic Books. I loved the X-Men and anything that had Wolverine involved. I’ve probably got boxes of the things in my parent’s basement.

So lately I’ve been spending my lunch breaks at Barnes & Noble, reading Graphic Novels (collections of already published Comic Books). I’m such a nerd.

I loved the Firefly/Serenity books I’ve read. Can’t wait for more of those.

I was floored by Joss Whedons run on the Astonishing X-Men. Greatest. Story. Arc. Ever. If I was listening to Rush while reading, this would have been a Nerd Trifecta.

I also loved the Star Trek Countdown that leads from the mediocre ending of the Next Generation in Nemesis into the new Star Trek movie.

I was rather disappointed by the Marvel Secret War. Good idea, poor execution, kinda lame.

I was also disappointed by the Ultimate Marvel Universe stories. Lots of hype, not much delivery. They totally wasted the Hellfire club and the Phoenix storylines on one single issue.

I’m looking forward to reading the X-Men origin collection as well as some of the other Marvel Heroes that I’m not that well acquainted with. Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Capt. America.

I almost picked up the Watchmen the other day, but I read that when it came out. I also saw it on the big screen and it was practically frame for frame from the book, so I’m going to hold off on that for a while.

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