Fireproof Again

A few days ago I had a customer who had a T-Shirt with the fireproof movie logo. I asked if they had read the devotional that goes along with the movie. He said “Not yet, you?”
“I have it, but we haven’t read it yet.” I responded
“Well it isn’t going to change anything sitting on your shelf”

I wanted to punch him in the face with righteous and brotherly love, but I simply shook his hand.

“I’ll pray for your marriage if you pray for mine”

Why can’t that happen more often? I wish we had a secret handshake so I could know if other dudes loved Jesus.

I had a customer whose cell phone went off during the sitting. Her ring-tone was some song by Casting Crowns. Their lameness aside, I jumped at the chance to connect with another of the Jesus-People.

“Is that Casting Crowns?” I queried.
“Oh, ummmm, yeah.”
“Good band.”

She was completely awkward the rest of her visit. I’ve been trying to figure this one out but I’m stumped. Every time I find out someone else is a Christian, the awkwardness is gone. I do realize that not everyone is as comfortable with communicating their Christianity, so she may have been uncomfortable with the topic. Then again, maybe she was having a bad day and this stranger asking vague questions was just odd.

Ultimately it’s not my place to judge. I mean, it’s not like I had that conversation with someone who wasn’t wearing Fireproof shirts, or Cross necklaces or has a casting crown ring-tone. That would be a little too close to evangelism.

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