A Good Decision

We were in Muskegon last weekend to celebrate Little Dizzy's first birthday with my Sister and the rest of the family. It was a great weekend.

We headed West on Saturday after I almost worked for the morning. I wasn't needed so we left early. (I was actually walking into the building when they called me off) The first thing we did was head to our storage unit and collect some stuff.

It's interesting to see how much stuff we own, that we haven't needed since March. Circuit City closed on the 8th, we moved out of our house and into a friends (and the storage unit) the next week. Most of out possessions haven't been touched since. But seasons change and so does our wardrobe. The kids need warmer clothes and Red realizes she really needs that one cooking utensil. I have been pining for my Electric Guitar.

Now my electric guitars were not in storage, they have been in my Dad's temperature and Humidity controlled basement with his small arsenal of instruments.I don't recall what my initial reasoning was for leaving my guitar and behind, but it must have been ridiculous. I do love my acoustic guitar, but it's hard to find time to play and not disturb someone else.

But anyway I played at Forest Park Covenant Church on Sunday and needed the Electric Guitar Goodness. I stopped at my Parents house and picked her up on Saturday, brought the rock on Sunday morning, and brought the rock home Sunday afternoon.

I've practiced almost every day since then. It helps me keep a level head when I've got a constant creative outlet (it's not like I'm a professional photographer or anything). Red might tell you otherwise, but I feel more like I belong and less like I'm wandering.

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