i lost my man card yesterday

We decided to support local business and have a little fun by going to a local pumpkin grower and getting our pumpkin there. I'm not usually excited for Halloween, but the chance to see what my kids do with the holiday gives me a reason to be interested.

We took the hayride out to the Pumpkin patch, which seems like a good fun idea. As it turns out, the really bumpy ride is not good for your stomach when you've recently had surgery. (See here) So I was holding the little Red Haired Girl, and squeezing her, probably more than she appreciated.

We get to the pumpkin patch and look around. We find a pretty big one with a lot of character. And here's where I lost my man card. The Red-Headed Hottie had to carry the thing because I've got a lifting restriction that won't bend that far.

We get back on the hay-ride/trailer and they take us back to the car. She then has to carry it to guy collecting the money and then again to the car. I'm sure these guys were questioning my masculinity as we walked away.

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