my newest man-crush

I'm not sure what what this guys real name is, but on the web he goes by jlsprang. I'm guessing that the j and the l are initials, while the sprang is the last name, but I can't be sure.

The reason I enjoy him so much is that he took something that I perceived to be difficult and showed me how to do it.

I, along with every other worship leader fan boy out there have been transfixed and frustrated with the scope and gentleness of David Crowder's guitar playing. Especially on his earlier albums, All I Can Say and Can you Hear Us. I've been trying to play those tunes the right way since college, which is a long time for someone with perfect pitch to work something out. They were always so intimidating that I didn't really try, I just muscled through and then gave up "I'll never play that song anyway." (Manly grunt)

What Messier jlsprang has done is performed the song and then stopped to show me all the fingerings, all the hammer-ons, and all the details of these incredible challenging guitar lines. Thanks dude. You rock my socks!

I give for your preliminary enjoyment Rain Down from All I Can Say and Remedy.

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