now that my mission is complete...

Problem: How do I reinvent my blog without alienating my faithful readers?

Solution: Don't blog for so long that everyone gives up on you, thus alienating no-one!

Problem Solved!! Yeah!!!

In just a bit seriousness, I have no desire to re-invent myself, I just want to loosen the walls I put up myself about what I could and could not blog about.

(Imagine this paragraph being read by Charlton Heston) And here begins the days where Christopher felt he could write anything about anything and not find stress in worrying about what the others thought. Christopher is done trying to prove that he is 'alright' and he no longer believes the lie that everyone else is 'alright.'

Oh, and freedom to write about anything I want to is like being young in spring, or getting your first bicycle or catching her looking back at you.

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