relaxing / recovering

It has been 2 weeks since my appendectomy. I'm feeling much better.
This is the first time I've been away from work and able to relax in years. The last time I took a vacation proper was to visit Red-Head's Grandparents in Florida, that was 3 years ago. I did have some time off earlier this year, but being unemployed is not the same as relaxing. In fact, that was the most stressful period of my life.

But this has been nice; I've been napping in the afternoons or watching Firefly on DVD. I've read a lot, worked on some pet projects, updated my Worship Pastor Resume', played with the kids more.

Yesterday I played with the littlest red-head for the whole time the other one was at Preschool. I have never been able to relax long enough to do that.

I've played my guitar more, I learned to cook my eggs over easy with ruining them, (yes that's a big deal, for me) and I've learned more about my family in the last 2 weeks than in a long time.

My son is a character. He just turned 4 and he speaks in complete sentences. and he takes words (innocently) out of context and it's hilarious. The other day I asked him if he needed help and he responds "No dad, I've got it under remote control" Ha! He also yelled at some elderly women while we were on a hay ride (not a good idea if you're recovering from abdominal surgery) "Get out of the way old ladies!"

My daughter is a beauty. She has this smile that just messes you up. She's also more curious than the proverbial cat. She has a climbing obsession and she thinks the world of her brother. She'd follow him off a cliff if he jumped first.

And then there's my wife. She is beyond amazing. Gracious, kind, loving, and just generally wonderful. She has this way of getting me to see beyond my blinders and really understand a situation or idea. I can't remember being without her and I don't want to. She is more than a blessing, she's the best part of me.

This whole thing has made me much more grateful for the good things I already have. and just a little stir crazy, but that'll get better.

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