department store music

I’m walking through JC Penny Yesterday and I hear a ‘Time-Life classics’ version of Hark the Harold Angels Sing. I can’t help but mull over the ironies and implications of what this means.

1. Why on earth am I hearing Christmas music the second week of November? Have they no pride? Is there no low they won’t stoop to?

2. Have they listened to this song? Really? Do they have any idea that the birth of Jesus brings with it a Kingdom that stands in direct opposition to everything the Capitalist system holds dear? “The First will be last and the last will be first” or “take all you have, sell it, give the money to the poor, pick up your cross and follow me”

3. Why is every piece of Department Store Christmas music more than 25 years old? Someone introduce them to the internet! There are all kinds of Christmas music coming out each year by great and respectable independent artists that isn’t cookie cutter or lame.

4. I smile when I realize the second line of the song is “Glory to the Newborn King.” Ancient Worship Music being played at JC Penny. Probably every department store in the US. That’s Beautiful!

5. I should really start thinking about gifts for my wife now. If I was prudent, of course.

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