a good conversation

I was having breakfast yesterday with my son and daughter. (my Red-Headed Beauty was at the gym) My Bible was on the table as we were eating.

Eventually he asks me "Dad, why do you read the Bible?"

ME: "I read the Bible, because it's God's book to us. it's how I learn more about God"

BOY: "God is a good guy."

ME: "Yes he is"

BOY: "God is a really, Really Good Guy!"

ME thinking that he's been paying attention in Sunday School so I'm going to run with this as far as it will go: "Yes, he's best guy"

BOY: "Dad, is Thomas in the Bible?"

ME only surprised that it took this long for him to ask: "Yes, Thomas is in the Bible. God created everything, all the trees and all the people and all the toys and all the stories. So God created Thomas, so Thomas is Good. God created everything Good."

At this point a thought occurred to me. The book of Romans refers to Creation Groaning and waiting for redemption. Maybe creation is groaning because it remembers when things were right, so it knows what we're missing. Our memories and imaginations don't go back that far.

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