the Jesus of suburbia pt 2

I finished 'The Jesus of Suburbia' by Mike Erre. Here's a few thoughts on the book.

The concept of the book is simple: We've watered down the real Jesus to make him easier to serve. The problem with simplifying Christ is that in doing so, you cage the Holy Lion.

He suggests that we've turned Christianity from a movement into an institution. The problem with institutions is they are typically focused on boundaries more than on similarities. We (the church) should be focused on what brings us together, rather than on what sets us apart. Our culture knows and dislikes us for what separates us, because that's what we're the most vocal about. No Gay Marriage. Divorce is sin. Abortion is wrong.

What would happen if we were outspoken about the ways we agree. We agree that love, in any form, is a reflection of our Great Lover. We agree that loneliness and separation hurts in any situation. We agree the she's been forced into a decision that she didn't plan on making. And that this life is hard.

He also suggests that we've lost our sense of wonder. Our love for others can only be as big as our love of God. If our vision of God is small, our love will be small to match.

I really enjoyed this book, but I struggled a little with the writing style. It's not the most compelling read, although all of his points are spot on. I will recommend it, but only to someone who reads regularly.


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