worship observational 11-1-9

Today was the second time we attended 2:42 Community in Brighton MI. This is the first body we've worshiped with since we moved where we feel at home, welcomed and excited to contribute to. (I had no idea it would take us this long to find a church we liked. Between working every-other sunday and just not finding the right church it's taken almost 6 months)
Anyway, here's what went down.

Live countdown music - My Stupid Mouth (John Mayer)
Welcome and Announcements
QuizShow - Famous Mouths (This had nothing to do with the rest of the gathering. 10 Gameshow style questions about people with famous mouths. My final score was 500 Points, I think she came out with 600. Fun way to start a gathering.)
Worship Set
Let the Praises Ring (Lincoln Brewster)
Reading from Revelation 3
O, For a Thousand Tongues To Sing (David Crowder*Band)
Give us Clean Hands
Sermon (James 3)
A Blessing in Your Eyes (I have no idea if this is the right title, but that's the hook I heard)
the Heart of Worship

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Nancy said...

I love that they opened with John Mayer. How cool!
Glad you found a place where you feel at home.