Goals 2010

This time of year everyone blogs about their New Years Resolutions. I don't have any. I don't think a list of great ideas is going to change me.

I do have  few goals and to keep myself honest and focused I'm going to blog about them.

First Goal for 2010, Read through the whole Bible.

I've made it most of the way, I think. I know I've read the entire New Testament, the Pentateuch, the Histories, and the Poetry. I know I haven't read all of the Prophets. 

I've tried the Cover-to-Cover method, but I get bored too easily. I'm using the M'Cheyne One Year Reading Plan. I found it on YouVersion.com. They keep track of your progress and allow you to change translations instantly. I usually read in the NIV, but I've been trying others when it's a passage I'm very well acquainted with.So far it's been successful.

Right now I'm on day 5, having started on the 30th of December. I'm still excited to see if I can actually do it.

Is anyone else committing to reading the Bible this year?

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