i want to pray like Terah

I just read about Terah in Genesis 11. I don't know that I had ever heard of him outside this passage. He's one of the most important characters in the book, but somehow I've never noticed him.

He's only in 5 verses. Genesis 11: 27-32.

He's the father of Abraham, who is the Father of Israel. In fact he's the Father of every Jew, Muslim and Christian.

So I wonder what Terahs prayer life looked like. Did he pray for his son to have a lasting legacy? Did he pray this children would become greater than he? I like to think he did.

Right now, when I pray with Tm or Ellie (She doesn't get it yet) I always pray they would 'become a man/woman after God's heart' (ala what God says about David), but from now on I'm going to add 'and make them a greater light into the world than I'.

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