5 songs that were written for me to hear

1. New Begining by Andrew Osenga.
"I can feel a prayer rising and I don't even know the words,
Still the groaning is the postage and it will not be returned
Though we're living in this rubble of our reckless plans and games
We are reaching for the promise that we will not stay the same"

2. Weapons by Jars of Clay
"Halleluiah, we can finally see
How the bitterness was bruising on our skin
We didn't notice that grace had run so thin
'Til we're falling apart and the cracks in our hearts let the truth sink in"

3. Carry Me On Your Back by Leeland
"Even heroes fall down and mountains won't last forever
But your promise never fades
When the ocean is raging I find stillness in your presence
And I lift my voice to say, Jesus, take me away
Carry me on your back, through the storm Lord"

4. Prodigal by Michael Gungor
"I've tasted your glory and I left it there
You pour out your Spirit and I didn't care
Still you loved me
I've lived for myself with nobody to blame
I took what you gave me and squandered your grace
Still your loved me"

5. the Resistance by Aarron Niequist
"With brokenness and broken fists we beat upon the breast of falleness
We hear the call of Kingdom Come as one more train we chase to only miss
But we will never give up on it"

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