Goals 2010 Pt. 2

I had planned to blog about all my goals for 2010, but somehow the time got away from me and it’s the first week of February and I’ve only blogged about my Bible reading. (Maybe I should have put blogging about my goals on the list.)

Anyway, today’s entry…I am making 2010 the year I find a job in professional ministry. I know that I’m called to serve in a professional manner, I simply haven’t found where. So this year I’m going to apply for every position I see that might be a fit. (My 3 rules are simple; no traditional only churches, no charismatic or Pentecostal, no part-time. Feel free to ask me why)

Thus far I’ve sent my resume to 6 churches, but that’s a lazy start. I’m giving myself a goal of at least 4 a week for the weeks that remain. So 48 weeks times 4 churches a week equals 192 churches in 1 year. (I’ll obviously stop when/if I find the right place)

That seems like a lot of résumé’s, but my current method of “wait until the right one comes along” has only left me, well, waiting. And waiting feels a lot like doing nothing. I’m still looking for the right one; I’m just going out and looking for them.

Well, am I crazy? Am I bold? A little bit of both, but if that’s all it takes to live up to my potential I’ll be getting off pretty easy.

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