5 ways I might survive in a post-Delirious world.

You may or may not know. You may not even care, but it’s a big deal to me. Delirious recently played their last shows, ever. I hope they get restless and get back together someday, but I’ve been waiting on PFR for more than 10 years now, so I’m not planning on anything. So here are 5 albums that are carrying the torch in my music collection.

1. Gungor - Beautiful Things. One word – Stunning! The Michael Gungor Band drops 3 words from their name and releases the most important worship record in a very long time. This is album conceived to be more than just an album; it is a single cohesive piece of art. It’s 2 pieces really, (side A and side B) but it’s amazing how well it works together thematically, musically and texturally. Their playing is untouchable, as always, but there’s more going on here than just great playing, it’s deeper than that and somehow inexpressible. You need to hear it for yourself.

2. Jeremy RiddleThe Now and Not Yet. This is the second album from JR and he has grown immensely as a recording artist. Every song is as solid as the last and his vocals are intense. I get pulled into this disc, like it’s more than just an album, but a worship experience.

3. Charlie HallThe Bright Sadness. I saw Charlie Hall of a Passion Tour my first senior year of college. I was completely blown away by his songs, his style and by his unbridled passion. I still have a huge man-crush on the bald man. This record stays with his aesthetic of doing worship with his own style and in his own vernacular and takes it one step further. The man has the biggest grapes I know for singing lines like ‘No one can thrill a heart like Jesus’ without it getting cheesy or feminine.

4. Lincoln Brewster Today is the Day. His earlier albums were half about his guitar playing and half about worship. I never felt like he had found a single voice that allowed him to be his guitar-awesome-self and a worship leader at the same time. On Toda is the Day he has found a way. Absolutely stunning.

5. Delirious Kingdom of Comfort. Ok, so I don’t have everything by my favorite P&W band but that doesn’t make me less of a fan, it just makes me cheap. 

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Molly said...

We sang Beautiful Things in Church this Sunday, and I bought it right away. It's my favorite song at the moment :). Just beautiful.