The Wind of God

I heard an incredibly important statement recently. “The power of God that raised the dead, healed the sick, drove out demons, and fed the poor is the same Holy Spirit that lives in me.

I knew that, it’s just really, really easy to fall back into old patterns that are self serving. I usually know exactly when the Holy Spirit is speaking to me I just choose to be a selective listener.

This was different. I heard the Spirit speak to me as clear as day; “You have given up. Snap out of it. You are more than this.

It was one of the moments where it hits you in the gut because you already knew, but were in denial; then someone else says it and you can’t escape the gravity anymore.

I also heard (as a part of the sermon) the story of 2 men who felt called into ministry; one who gave up and another who quit his job and volunteered for a year before he found a place to serve vocationally. I don’t know if I’m ready or called to do something that beautifully reckless, but I do know that I have to open up my preconceived notions what I think I’m called to be doing.

They also played Switchfoot in worship. That’s the best. “I dare you to move, I dare you to move, I dare to lift yourself up off the floor.” I couldn’t have missed the message with my eyes closed.

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