4 Months Later

I set out to make this the year I became a full-time (or at least long term) professional worship leader. I revised my resume' again, I spiffed up my blog again and I got ready.

I've submitted my resume' 37 times. That is shy of my 4 a week goal, but not too much.

Out of those 37 churches, I've heard back from maybe 5. Most of those sent a simple message saying they would be in touch if they were interested in me.

A few of them flat out shot me down (I’m a poor fit for any Charismatic or Pentecostal churches, I don’t practice and of those gifts)

I made it to the 'second round' with at least one church and I had another tell me I was in their top ten, but not their top four, so they might be in touch, but don't wait on it.

To be honest I'm a little frustrated and more than a little disappointed.


Did I think this was going to be easy or quick? I say no, but apparently I had unrealistic subconscious expectations. (I was kind of hoping to have given notice at my current job by now)

I have garnered a few good things out of all this sending and waiting.

1. Rejection is getting easier. I was truly excited to be rejected but in someone's top ten. Being an artistic type person, I'm usually bad at being rejected.

2. I've begun to enjoy spending a few minutes praying for a church before I send them my resume'. It helps me stay grounded and ok with the fact that I may never pray for them again.

So I keep praying that God would give me patience to wait on his timing and the perseverence to continue searching.

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