5 reasons I love Chuck

For Valentines Day my wonderful wife got me the first season of Chuck on DVD. It was hilarious and mostly good clean fun. For my Birthday (a week later) she got me the second season. Thanks to Hulu and Charter on-Demand we are caught up with the current and third season. Here follows my 5 favorite things about Chuck.

1. The Buy More - I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the Buy More as depicted on Chuck bears a remarkable and uncanny resemblance to a place I used to work (Circuit City). My particular store was a very professional, no-nonsense place to work. It didn't start that way though and the Buy More reminds me of all the people we had to fire when we got serious. Oh, and the 'Nerd Herd'? Genius!

2. Captain Awesome - Captain Awesome is dating Chuck's sister Ellie (who would be reason 6 if I was listing that many) and he is just that, Awesome. He works out hard, does extreme sports for fun, and works as a trauma Doc. He also uses the word awesome in every context and situation. It's pretty funny.

3. Morgan Grimes - Chucks best friend for a long time, who is also a huge nerd. Every analogy he makes is either to video game or 80’s music and is my kind of dry humor. He's also a kind hearted guy.

4. John Casey - Played by Angel and Firefly's Adam Baldwin, John Casey is like the ultimate fighter/military/spy dude. He works undercover at the Buy More which leads to some real hilarity when his military self and his Buy More self collide. Favorite quote "this is the very same vacuum that the NSA's top crime scene clean-up crews use."

5. Chuck - Chuck himself is the best part of the show. He's a normal guy who is unwillingly thrown into the spy world when an old friend sends him an email. He spends the next 3 seasons doing everything he can to stay alive and win the girl (Sara would be #7). He has a Les Paul in his bedroom, a Tron poster on his wall, and the same social insecurities and short comings as everyone else. Whenever he's at the Buy More he's the normal, well adjusted guy in a sea of nerds and crazies. When he's with the spies he's the crazy and confused. He's just totally believable, lovable and great.

I think it's the funniest/funniest thing on NBC right now.

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