Charlie Hall - Flying into Daybreak

I've had this one a long time, I think 4 years now. It's fantastic by the way. Charlie has a way with taking words I don't normally say, but saying them in a way that makes them feel normal and comfortable. His band has a way of playing that is familiar and new, consistent without getting even slightly redundant.

It's got the modern classic 'Marvelous Light' "Sin has lost its power, death has lost its sting" You may have also heard 'Center' as that was made to be sung in the church.

I know this is purely my quirky way of thinking about music, but I see the 'B-side' as being like the B-Side of Abbey Road; a single, cohesive piece of art. In classical music they call it a song cycle or a suite of pieces that are meant to be played together. (I have no idea if this is true, but it's how I hear it) It starts with 'All We Need' and plays through 'Center'. (All We Need - Bravery - Closer - Center - Running With Your Heart - Come For Me)

If you're in the market for something new, uplifting, creative and vertical, please take my word for it and try out Charlie Hall.

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