Let it Be

Call me late to the game, but I just sat down with Let It Be for the first time, ever. Yes, they are one of my favorite bands but no (to my shame) I had not listened to Let It Be until now.

I love it. This is almost my favorite Beatles record. I know that puts me in strange company as far as Beatles fans are concerned, but I think it's brilliant. Yes there are a few strange bits, like John ranting between several tracks, and then the weird and short 'Dig It' but I do, in fact, dig it. (Sorry, I couldn't help it. Maybe I should stop trying to be funny "get back" to my review. Ouch!)

Somehow it sounds like every record they've made, while sounding like none of them. Musically, it's simple like their early output, but it's restrained, which is something they didn't know during their early career. The songwriting is really solid, like (the better parts of) their later years, but not over the top, like the best of their early output.

George's contributions are 2 of his best (I Me Mine and For You Blue), John stays grounded on planet earth (with the exception of the aforementioned 'Dig it') Paul is his usual consistent self and Ringo does us a favor and doesn't write anything or sing anything.

There's nothing Avant-garde that makes me scratch my head like the previous 2 records (Revolution 9 or Because respectively) and it makes no attempt to be the next big Beatles record, it's 'just' Let it Be, that's all. It's humble and understated and it's beautiful in its simplicity. It's flawed but it's the best kind of flaw.

I don't really mind what Phil Specter did with it; I mean, it's not like he added disco beats or anything. He just added some strings and horns; things they were already doing, they just hadn't done it themselves this time.

I do wonder why 'Don't let me Down' wasn't included? It's the best song John wrote for this album and they left it off, I don't get it

So this goes on my list of Beatles records that I consider essential. Abbey Road, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper and now Let It Be. In that order.

I'm not into giving a rating to anything, but I will recommend you take a listen sometime. Even while they are breaking up they find a way to make the most honest and humble record of their career.

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