Budget "Rent-a-Car"

We went to Colorado for Vacation between the 1st and the 9th. We had a great time everywhere we went.
Except for
Budget Rent-A-Car.

We booked our
Budget Rent-A-Car through hotwire.com? those folks did us right. Great deal, easy to use website. We felt in control and informed.

When we got to
Budget Rent-A-Car in Denver, however, we found out a few things that were new.

Budget Rent-A-Car requires anyone who pre-pays to place a $200 hold on their credit card or Debit card.

Budget Rent-A-Car has no wiggle room or respect for someone who can pay in genuine American Cash Money. Not even when I offer to give them $200 cash instead of the credit card hold.

Budget Rent-A-Car of Denver likes to change their story, because when I approached them a second time the amount changed from $200 on a Debit Card to $400.

We still had a great time with family and friends without a rental car. We stayed with family and explored with family, so we only twice had to borrow a vehicle to go off by ourselves.

The interesting satistic is this; we have moved once a year since we were married. That's six times in six years. We've used
Budget Rent-A-Car every time for our moving truck and in all this time we've never heard of this policy. Now I would prefer to spend more money somewhere else.

Budget Rent-A-Car because this horrible experience has made my impending move(s) much easier. That's one less company to compare prices with.

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